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Academic Job Search CIRTLCast

What does the first year as a faculty member hold for you? What tips, tools, and strategies might make both your first years’ teaching and research more effective and rewarding? If your first year is not in a tenure track position, how can you make the most of it?  Come hear from a panel of faculty as they reflect on how to have a successful first year of first year as an academic faculty member. 

Interactive Job Search Workshop!

In developing your written credentials and preparing application materials for your job search, it is crucial to represent your professional experience, accomplishments, expertise, professional development experiences (e.g., CIRTL engagement) in the most impactful manner possible.

CIRTL Network Featured in Report Proposing Broad Changes to Undergraduate STEM Education

The CIRTL Network was recently recognized as one of four national programs building institutional capacity to advance systemic change in a report released by the Coalition for Reform of Undergraduate STEM Education. 
The report comes from a two-day workshop hosted by the Coalition and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in June 2013, according to a news release on the AAAS website (see below for link).

Teaching-as-Research Mid-Project Presentations!

Join us for an interactive session featuring teaching-as-research projects from graduate students, postdocs and faculty from across the Network. Our presenters are currently in the process of developing their projects, and are looking for feedback from you! Everyone in the Network is encouraged to join the session - whether you are brand new to teaching-as-research and want to learn what it's all about or you are a published researcher with tons of experience, we would love to see you there!
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CIRTL Reads Journal Club

Join us for this month's CIRTL Reads Journal Club for scholarly discussion of articles about STEM higher education. November's selection is "Active Learning and Student-Centered Pedagogy Improve Student Attitudes and Performance in Introductory Biology" (Armbruster, P., M. Patel, E. Johnson, M. Weiss, 2009) 

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