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Participate in monthly conversations within the themes of "Building an Academic Career" and "Teaching and Learning in the STEM Classroom."

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Diverse Students' Views on Leveraging Diversity in STEM Education

Dr. Ashanti Johnson of the University of Texas at Arlington led a discussion with students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds to shed light on learning environments that lead to positive outcomes for them today in another installment of our Leveraging Diversity Coffee Hour Series.

Teaching in the Large Undergraduate STEM Classroom

View the session recording here. Formative Assessment in Larger Enrollment Classes was the final session in our Teaching in the Large Undergraduate STEM Classroom CIRTLCast series. Dr. Richard Shingles of Johns Hopkins University presented on how instructors of large enrollment classes can conduct ongoing formative assessment in their classes.

Grad students Mark Tran and Emily Weigel's CIRTL research published

The collaborative Teaching-as-Research work of two FAST Fellows from Michigan State University, Mark Tran and Emily Weigel, has been published in this month's issue of the Journal of College Science Teaching. Check it out HERE - congrats, Mark and Emily! 

Teaching Scientific Literacy to Undergraduate Students CIRTLCast

Washington University Biology Chair Dr. Kathy Miller presented "Using Primary Literature and Writing Intensive Format to Increase Student Engagement and Learning." Dr. Miller writes, "After becoming frustrated with the lack of deep understanding my upper level developmental biology students had, I converted the course to a writing intensive format, i.e., upper level 'writing across the cirriculum' course. Read More »

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