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Being an Inclusive Teacher and Advisor: Have You Considered Costs?


At today's CIRTLCast presentation, A.T. Miller and William Horning of the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives at Cornell University led a thought-provoking discussion on Financially Inclusive Teaching and Advising. We discussed questions such as "What financial challenges connected to classes did you face as an undergraduate?" and "Are there pedagogies (study abroad, service learning, electronic/remote, project-based) that particularly concern you?" Read More »

Financially Inclusive Teaching and Advising CIRTLCast

A.T. Miller, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Diversity, and William "Woodg" Horning, Associate Director of Academic Diversity Initiatives and Director of the Student Opportunity Programs at Cornell University will present on the principles guiding the actions of teachers and advisors when considering and addressing financial hurdles faces by their students in courses and other academic experiences. 

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