Resource Book

Benefit #2. Instructors who develop strong rapport with their students, make their courses accessible to diverse audiences, and practice unbiased strategies of assessment gain the reputation of being excellent teachers.

Our Resource Book is intended to help new instructors learn effective communication and course development. Taking into account varying learning styles, encouraging students to work together, using hands-on exercises and demonstrations, and mentoring can make challenging academic programs more "user-friendly." All of this can be done while maintaining high academic standards and challenging students to think independently.

Reaching All Students: A Resource Book for Teaching in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) contains a wealth of articles on teaching, learning and diversity for instructors in STEM fields. The bulk of the articles are collected or adapted from teacher education materials from universities across the United States, from Amherst to Berkeley. For the Resource Book we selected material that emphasized:

  • Effective instructional methods,
  • Strong communication with all students,
  • Student learning styles and preferences,
  • Effective assessment of one's teaching, and
  • Awareness of student demographics.

Download a PDF version of the Resource Book