University of Colorado - Boulder

Member since 2006

Program Name: The Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research (TIGER)
Contact: Laura Border, Director
Graduate Teacher Program
201 Atlas, 362 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0362
(303) 492-4901


Why did CU-Boulder join the CIRTL Network?

The University of Colorado is the flagship research university of the Rocky Mountain Region.  We prepare a substantial amount of masters and doctoral students in the STEM disciplines. Our CIRTL program has made rapid progress due to its tie to the nationally recognized Graduate Teacher Program (GTP) that manages lead graduate teachers in all STEM departments. We joined the CIRTL network to help us meet the following goals.
  1. To connect with other research institutions through the national CIRTL Network in the improvement of teaching and learning in the STEM fields and to benefit from shared resources and expertise.
  2. To expand current graduate student professional development activities in CU-Boulder STEM disciplines using teaching as research, learning communities, and CIRTL’s diversity materials, using the extant Graduate Teacher Program to facilitate dissemination and sustain development.
  3. To encourage STEM faculty to develop their own courses through teaching as research, diversity, and learning communities while they mentor graduate students participating in the TIGER project.
  4. To encourage graduate students in the STEM disciplines to view college teaching through the lens of teaching as research and to develop projects on teaching, write up their results, and publish on their efforts.
  5.  To develop an institute that supports and develops research on graduate education on the CU-Boulder campus: TIGER—the Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research.



Who makes up the CIRTL Network Team?

The CU-Boulder CIRTL Network Team, called the TIGER team is made up of the PI: Laura Border and the two faculty who are working on CIRTL Network Initiatives: Michael Klymkowsky, Biology and Noah Finkelstein, Physics; the TIGER Advisory Board, made up of the associate deans of the schools and colleges that host STEM programs, approximately 25 Lead Graduate Teachers each academic year and their 25 STEM faculty mentors; the CIRTL Link, the CIRTL Evaluation Liaison; and the assistant director of the Graduate Teacher Program, PJ Bennett, a PhD from Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology who has worked on the cross-network portal team.