Diversity Resources



Why learn about inclusive teaching practices in science, technology, engineering and math?



Benefit #1. Instructors who read these resources become more aware of issues affecting educational access. They are also equipped with the latest research on teaching techniques, information on the challenges that students still face, and citation sources for grant writing.

Our Literature Review can facilitate awareness of the multifaceted nature of diversity. There is no simple shortcut to the growth of understanding.


Benefit #2. Instructors who develop strong rapport with their students, make their courses accessible to diverse audiences, and practice unbiased strategies of assessment gain the reputation of being excellent teachers.

Our Resource Book is intended to help new instructors learn effective communication and course development. Taking into account varying learning styles, encouraging students to work together, using hands-on exercises and demonstrations, and mentoring can make challenging academic programs more "user-friendly." All of this can be done while maintaining high academic standards and challenging students to think independently.


Benefit #3. Creating inclusive classrooms for students from underrepresented groups is a process of awareness, reflection and communication. This process enhances faculty and teaching assistants’ skills and expands their horizons. The reward for teachers who engage in this work is greater versatility in addressing any difficulties that their students may face.

The Case Book opens the door to reflection and dialogue about difficult classroom, laboratory or departmental situations. Participants learn from the life experiences of faculty and students and discuss challenging topics in a low-pressure environment.


Benefit #4. Reflection on potential challenges prepares faculty and graduate students to engage creatively with difficult situations when they occur in the future. Discussions also build community among the participants.

The Self-Guided Workshop is designed to enhance awareness of fundamental issues surrounding diversity. Through awareness, reflection and communication, it is possible to improve the chances that students from all backgrounds will continue on to graduate school.


Your words and actions can make a difference.