CIRTL Cross-Network Events

 2015-2016 CIRTL Cross-Network Events

Exploring topics in STEM education

Check back here on August 17 to see a comprehensive calendar

of 2015-2016 CIRTL events (a partial calendar is below).

This year CIRTL is offering four series throughout the academic year in addition to our course offerings. Our series offer grad students and post-docs the opportunity to engage with experts across the CIRTL network, without the more intenstive time commitment of a course. All of our series run on a drop-in basis, with no obligation to commit to multiple sessions. CIRTL's 2015-2016 Cross-Network series are:
  • CIRTLCasts: a one-hour, once-a-week session. These sessions are organized around a monthly theme covering some aspect of STEM, pedagogy, and diversity. CIRTLCasts are scheduled for Wednesdays at 1:00-2:00 ET/12:00-1:00 CT/11:00-12:00 MT/10:00-11:00 PT. 
  • CIRTLReads: a one-hour, once-a-month session. Participants read a pre-selected journal article ahead of the session, then discuss together. The series schedule is TBD.
  • Teaching in the US: a one-hour, once-a-month session that grew out of our Teaching in the US online learning community. This new series is designed to help international TAs learn more about the US higher education system while exploring the ways their international backgrounds can make for a stronger STEM classroom. Sessions are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month at 12:00 ET/11:00 CT/10:00 MT/9:00 PT. 
  • TAR Capstone Series: Every year, our Teaching-As-Research course culminates in a presentation series where TAR students can discuss their findings with other grad students, post-docs, and professors from across the CIRTL network. The series schedule is TBD.

Each series takes place on BlackBoard Collaborate. Please visit our BlackBoard instruction page to familiarize yourself with the platform.

As we finalize our 2015-2016 event schedule, we'll continue to update the calendar below with dates, titles, and links to each event's BlackBoard room.


Calendar of 2015-2016 CIRTL Events

Date Series  Session Title
September 9, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
September 10, 2015 Teaching in the US American students' expectations of International TAs
September 16, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
September 23, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
September 30, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
October 7, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
October 14, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
October 21, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
October 28, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
November 4, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
November 11, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
November 12, 2015 Teaching in the US Grading and effective feedback in the American system
November 18, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
November 25, 2015 CIRTLCast TBD
January 13, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
January 20, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
January 27, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
February 3, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
February 10, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
February 11, 2016 Teaching in the US Recognizing and handling acceptable and unacceptable behavior
February 17, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
February 24, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
March 2, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
March 9, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
March 10, 2016 Teaching in the US Using your international background to your advantage in the classroom
March 16, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
March 23, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
March 30, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
April 6, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
April 13, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
April 14, 2016 Teaching in the US Developing your own teaching philosophy
April 20, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD
April 27, 2016 CIRTLCast TBD

Can't wait until September to take part in our events?

We have archives of our CIRTLCast and TAR Capstone series dating back to 2012 online here.

We strive to be inclusive of anyone interested in participating in our activities, programs, and courses. If you have specific accessibility needs, please let us know in advance so that we may make the necessary accommodations.

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