CIRTL Forum 2008

Forum 2008 Program


  • To explore the degree of alignment of STEM faculty experiences from graduate school through early-career faculty positions
  • To enhance mutual awareness and alignment of key stakeholder groups - graduate students, graduate universities, academic employers and graduate faculty
  • To highlight the new generation of graduate students and early-career faculty prepared by future faculty programs

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Posters & Abstracts

The 2008 Forum showcased over fifty posters from STEM faculty, graduate students, and staff.

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These podcasts describe in detail what academic hiring committees are seeking when they are recruiting new faculty. The institutions represented include minority-serving institutions, research-intensive universities, comprehensive institutions, community and technical colleges, and liberal arts colleges.

These videos are recordings from a variety of sessions held at Forum 2008.

Participating Institutions

Participants from over 60 research universities, liberal arts colleges, and community colleges attended the 2008 Forum.

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