How to Create Your Personal Profile

When you register as a new user on the CIRTL Café, you are required to fill out some basic information in your user profile. However, if you wish to make changes to your original submission or add additional information, you can update your user profile following the steps below.


Your profile is important as it allows other site users to see your professional affiliations and interests. They can also read your blog by visiting your profile.


To access your profile you must first be logged in to the site. Once logged in, click "My Account" at the top right-hand corner of any page. Within your "My Account" page, click the "Edit" tab and clicking this will open up 4 sub-tabs where you can edit various aspects of your account and profile ("Account", "Personal Information", etc.)


The "Personal Information" sub-tab will allow you to edit the following fields within your personal profile:

1.) Your name

2.) Your institution

3.) Your position or job title

4.) Your department

5.) Your areas of interest

6.) A link to your homepage

7.) A link to your Facebook profile