Network Exchange Program - Details


Network Exchange Program

The CIRTL Network Exchange Program is a two to three day visit to a host campus within the CIRTL Network. This program is designed to give applicants the opportunity to give a Teaching-as-Research colloquium and interact with disciplinary colleagues at the CIRTL Network institution.



Graduate students and post doctoral researchers in science, technology, engineering or mathematics disciplines at CIRTL Network Institutions are eligible to apply for the CIRTL Network Exchange program. The primary eligibility requirement is the applicant's readiness to give a high-quality presentation on his or her teaching-as-research study.


Prior to Applying

  1. Contact your local CIRTL Network Exchange coordinator to let him or her know of your interest in the program.
  2. Explain your interest in the Network Exchange to your advisor. You will need to get his or her approval before participating in the Network Exchange. (Click to download a one-page printable flyer in PDF format)
  3. Identify and contact a faculty person in your discipline at a host Network Campus who would be willing to facilitate a presentation or discussion with colleagues in your field. Your advisory or a faculty member in your field may be able to suggest potential contacts. 
  4. Identify a set or range of potential dates for your visit that would work for a disciplinary presentation.
  5. Complete the online application form 


Identifying a Disciplinary Contact

If you do not personally have a disciplinary contact at one of the CIRTL Network Institutions you wish to visit, your advisor or a faculty member in your field often can suggest and/or contact someone. If you still are not able to identify an appropriate faculty member, go ahead and fill out the Network Exchange application leaving the disciplinary contact blank. When you send in the application, contact Robin Greenler, CIRTL Network Exchange coordinator ( Send her a list of the CIRTL Network institutions you would be interested in visiting and your reasons for wanting to visit each one. She will work with a CIRTL Network Leader at one of those institutions to find an appropriate disciplinary contact for you. 
Network Leaders who wish to contact a disciplinary contact at their institution may use this letter template.  Following the visit, Network Leaders wishing to send a letter following up on the visit thanking the faculty and soliciting any feedback, are welcome to use this letter template.


Application Process

  1. Review program requirements below.
  2. Complete application form.
  3. Email CV to Robin Greenler
  4. Complete and submit signature page.
  5. Coordinate details of Exchange visit with home and host campus CIRTL coordinators.


Review Process

Applications will be reviewed by one or more CIRTL Network faculty leaders and CIRTL program staff. The review process will be completed within 4 weeks of submission. 



Requirements for the CIRTL Network Exchange Program

Prior to Traveling to the host Network Campus:

  1. Meet with home campus CIRTL Exchange Program contact to review your institution's travel rules and procedures in advance of booking travel.
  2. Work with the home campus contact to deliver practice presentations in preparation for your Exchange visit.

At the host campus:

  1. Present a teaching-as-research talk at the host campus. For example, participants might present a formal seminar, an informal brownbag, or teach a CIRTL class on their teaching-as-research project.
  2. Present on or discuss professional research in their field.  For example, participants might give a departmental seminar, give a pseudo-job talk, or meet one-on-one with colleagues in their discipline.

After the Exchange visit:

  1. Lead a discussion or forum on teaching-as-research and share your experience in the CIRTL Network Exchange Program with colleagues at your  home campus after the visit. (For example, participants might lead an informal discussion or present a brownbag in their department or for their local CIRTL program.)
  2. Post a summary of your visit on the CIRTL Café.
  3. Submit an abstract of your teaching-as-research project to the CIRTL Cafe TAR showcase <link to be added>

To apply, please complete and submit the Network Exchange Program application form. Also, please email a current CV to Robin Greenler,

CIRTL Network Exchange Application Form (login required)

Note: The approval of your research advisor and department chair is required for participation. Please print and complete the signature page below. This form will need to be submitted to your home campus contact before your application can be approved.

Click here to download the signature page (PDF)