CIRTLCast Take Aways: “Active, hands-on learning in large lecture classes”

At the October 22nd CIRTLCast, University of Houston’s Simon Bott shared his experience teaching large introductory chemistry courses and his methods for keeping students engaged.

The overall theme of Dr. Bott’s presentation was the importance of focusing on the needs of the students and their college experience as a whole, to improve student performance and retention. In the classroom, this means getting the students involved and participating, as well as keeping students entertained. It also means focusing not just on subject material, but also teaching students about study and exam-taking skills – especially in introductory level classes. In addition, Dr. Bott encourages getting students involved outside of the classroom in activities on campus, to increase students’ investment and pride in their school.

A recording of Dr. Bott’s presentation is available in the CIRTLCast archives.

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