Coffee Hour Take Aways: “The academic job interview: What to expect, how to prepare”

During the October 25 Coffee Hour, current faculty members Jed Sparks (Cornell University), Elizabeth Becker (St Joseph’s University), and Allison Rober (Ball State University) shared their experiences of the academic job interview. From both the candidate side as well as the hiring committee side, their strongest advice for the academic job interview was: be prepared. For example, learn about the department ahead of time and be familiar with the work of their current faculty and anyone else you may interview with; practice your talks and have backups of presentation materials and technology available; and be ready to answer the types of questions typically asked during academic job interviews. Also, remember that an academic job interview can be exhausting, and you still need to be able to make a good impression at dinner - so be prepared.

A recording of this Coffee Hour is available in the Coffee Hour archives.

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