Fall Semester CIRTLCasts and Coffee Hours

We wrapped up our fall semester CIRTLCasts and Coffee Hours with three recent events:

"University politics: Navigating the rules and expectations," a Coffee Hour discussion on November 29, with Robert A. Linsenmeier of Northwestern University and Jon Sticklen of Michigan State University, which discussed the importance of staying involved university politics;

"Mentoring Graduate Students and Postdocs," a CIRTLCast presentation on November 30, from Laura Harrington, Christine Holmes, and Colleen McLinn all from Cornell University, which challenged attendees to consider difficult mentoring scenarios; and

"Research Ethics," a CIRTLCast presentation on December 4, from Nancy Abney, Jeff Engler, and Mitzy Erdmann, all from University of Alabama at Birmingham which focused on a project to introduce chemistry students to questions of ethics in data collection and reporting.

Recordings from these and previous fall semester events are available on the CIRTLCast Archives and the Coffee Hour Archives.

A big thank you to the presenters and attendees of all of our CIRTLCasts and Coffee Hours this semester. We hope to see you at our spring semester events, which will resume in January with a Coffee Hour on January 16, 2013 on “Electronic distractions in the classroom: managing and utilizing the instant connections to the world” with Mary Elizabeth Besterfield-Sacre of University of Pittsburgh and Angel Hoekstra of University of Colorado, Boulder.