Dummy To Apply


A designated CIRTL contact at each Network campus will serve as the local program coordinator at each campus.


Home campus requirements:

  1. Market the Network Exchange program to local graduates students and post-doctoral researchers.
  2. Review home campus applications.
  3. Collect, review and save participant & advisor signature page.
  4. Assist applicants in making disciplinary connections with a host campus. See Identifying a Disciplinary Contact (www.cirtl.net/networkexchange/toapply) for more information about this process.
  5. Establish connection with host campus CIRTL coordinator.
  6. Provide a venue and feedback for a practice talks by the Network Exchange participant before the trip.
  7. Facilitate travel and pay travel expenses for the Exchange using CIRTL subcontract funds.  Review applicable travel policies and procedures with Exchange participant.
  8. Meet with  participant to debrief on visit within one week of return.
  9. Facilitate participant's home campus discussion within 1 month of travel.
  10. Process travel expenses.

Host campus requirements:

  1. Facilitate local travel to host campus (recommend lodging and local transportation).
  2. Coordinate with participant's home campus CIRTL contact.
  3. If necessary, assist in identifying a disciplinary contact at your institution. See Identifying a Disciplinary Contact (http://www.cirtl.net/networkexchange/toapply) for more information about this process. A Network Leader letter template for contacting potential disciplinary contacts can be found here.
  4. Coordinate with specific departments/programs to arrange teaching-as-research presentation(s) and disciplinary research presentations and/or interactions.
  5. Coordinate local advertising for presentations.
  6. The CIRTL link individual should post to www.cirtl.net before the exchange describing the upcoming visit and plan
  7. Provide professional development feedback to the presenter.
  8. Collect a list of attendees at the TAR seminar.  Include name, department and position (faculty, grad students, etc.)
  9. Take a video of the TAR talk and photos during visit as appropriate. Send photos and video to CIRTL staff after visit.
  10. Fill out host evaluation form (supplied by CIRTL staff).


Note: The Network Exchange participant's travel expenses, including meals, will be paid for by the participant's home campus. However, the host campus will be responsible for any group refreshments providing during the visit, if any.