CIRTL Network Teaching-as-Research Projects

Title Authors Discipline Institution Yearsort icon
A Challenge-based Unit with a Hands-on Demonstration for Teaching Momentum in Undergraduate Fluid Mechanics Myers M Civil Engineering Vanderbilt 2015
How Well Do Required Statistics Courses Prepare Students for High-Level Science: The Undergraduate Statistical Education Study Crasta D Statistics Rochester 2015
Comparison between a traditional and a collaborative teaching method regarding student engagement and subject mastery in a bioch Le CQ Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Texas at Arlington 2015
Digital Digging: The impact of technology on learning and digital confidence in an undergraduate archaeology course Emery KM Anthropology Michigan State 2015
Assessing Student Perceptions and Explanations of Microbial Evolution Burmeister A Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior Program Michigan State 2014
Does practice mean progress? Assessing Student Scientific Reasoning in Relation to Taking a Reformed Introductory Biology Course. Kuczaj I Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Michigan State 2014
Investigating How Students Integrate Knowledge of Gene Architecture, Gene Expression, & Mutation Markey J Department of Plant Biology Michigan State 2014
Studying the Preconceptions and Beliefs of Learning Assistants in a Pedagogically Unbiased Environment Finzell T Department of Physics & Astronomy Michigan State 2014
How can clicker questions be implemented in a lecture for improved learning in Modern Physics? Fritsch A Department of Physics and Astronomy Michigan State 2014
Student Metacognition in the Biological Sciences White NA Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Michigan State 2014
Assessment of Cultural Knowledge and Skills Transfer in Dietetics Education Plasencia J Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition Michigan State 2014
Enhancing Student Accountability to Outside-Classroom Activities Niroj Aryal Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Michigan State 2014
Development and Evaluation of a Concept Inventory for Material Balance Jayamani I Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Michigan State 2014
Personality and the Acceptance of Evolution among Undergraduate Populations Kohn C Zoology Department; Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior Graduate Program; BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action Michigan State 2014
The Mathematic Achievement Gap and College Completion Balthazar C Department of Community Sustainability Michigan State 2014
Assessing the Impact of Problem-based Learning in Enriching and Conceptual-Change Learning in a Student Population Taking an Introductory Course of Neurobiology. Rodriguez-Tapia ES Neuroscience Michigan State 2014
Evaluating Efficacy of Online Teaching Modules in an Introductory Genetics Classroom Sebastian T Department of Biological Sciences Vanderbilt 2014
Utility of Learning in the Topic of Confidence Intervals Ricks Z Biomedical Statistics Vanderbilt 2014
Utilizing an active learning approach to create authentic research experiences for first-year chemistry majors Hayden K, Erdmann M Chemistry University of Alabama at Birmingham 2014
Promoting Change through Experience: The Influence of Service-Learning on Intentions and Cognitive-Emotional Factors Jenney C Psychology The University of Texas at Arlington 2014
Problem-based learning in undergraduate histology: implementation and student perceptions Roosa K Biomedical sciences/histology Cornell University 2014
Advancing the 4C's through social bookmarking and collaborative discussions in an undergraduate physics class Chatzikyriakidou K, Carlsmith D UW-Madison 2014
The Exploring Biology Freshmen Interest Group (FIG) as a High-Impact Practice for Recruiting & Retaining Students in STEM Majors Dill-McFarland K Biology UW-Madison 2014
Are Historically Black Colleges and Universites relevant today? Adjei E Biology Howard 2014
Social Networks and Academic Performance in STEM Courses Chapman L Biology Rochester 2014