CIRTL Network Teaching-as-Research Projects

Title Authors Discipline Institution Yearsort icon
Developing the Civic Minded Citizen: An Analysis of Curriculum Implemented Civic Engagement Whitley C Sociology Michigan State 2013
How does a term paper assignment for undergraduate students in dietetics improve their knowledge of cultural factors that affect food choices? Sumathi Venkatesh Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition Michigan State 2013
The Effect of Color on Students’ Performance Felix Cheung Department of Psychology Michigan State 2013
Flipped Classroom in Senior Level Engineering Class: Students’ Perceptions and Performance Evaluation Niroj Aryal Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Michigan State 2013
Exploration of Group Projects for Different Demographics in Computer Science and Engineering Rebenitsch L Computer Science and Engineering Michigan State 2013
How and why can knowledge of concepts in genetics improve student understanding of concepts in evolution? Weigel E Department of Zoology & Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Program Michigan State 2013
Learners and Learning Environments: Comparison of Cognition Level Between Lecture-based Classroom and Experiential Study Abroad Assessments Abigail J. Lynch Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Michigan State 2013
Why do students come to class? : The Influences of Five Motives, Expectancy-Value and Demographic Factors in Attendance Rate and Study Habits. Sombatthira B Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics Michigan State 2013
A Comprehensive Teaching-as-Research Study Designed to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Introducing New Interactive Learning Methods and Assessment Techniques, to a 200-level Organic Chemistry Course Kouyoumdjian H Department of Chemistry Michigan State 2013
How Does the Students’ Demo Effect a College-Level Calculus Class Gao H Department of Mathematics Michigan State 2013
Comparing effectiveness of online to in-class learning formats in an upper-level, elective pharmacology course PHM431 Jakupovic J Pharmacology Michigan State 2012
Discussion of real-world qualitative examples to introduce concepts in material balances of multiphase systems Malefyt AP Chemical engineering Michigan State 2012
How does structure of recitation affect performance in a general chemistry course for non-majors? Jordan LA Chemistry Michigan State 2012
Investigation of effects of computer science group project structures Rebenitsch L Computer science Michigan State 2012
The effectiveness of group discussions in undergraduate biology education Tran M Biology Michigan State 2012
A study of the effect of the instant hand-on experiences in the introductory statistics course for the undergraduate students Feng W Statistics Michigan State 2012
Using human medicine-based case studies to improve student learning of and attitudes toward statistics in an introductory biology lab Henry EN Biology Michigan State 2012
Impacts of peer discussion on student performance on in-class concept questions Achila D Biochemistry Michigan State 2012
College Students' Perceptions of Classroom Climate in Three Lyman Briggs Science Courses Nichol N Crop and Soil Science Michigan State 2011
Will Concept Maps Improve Integrative Learning in Pharmacology? Pires PW Pharmacology and Toxicology Michigan State 2011
Civic Engagement Courses: A Way to Engender an Active Citizenry? Kelly JR Sociology Michigan State 2011
Content in Context: Place-Based Field Philosophy in Isle Royale National Park Goralnik L Fisheries and Wildlife Michigan State 2011
Hands-on Genetics: Using Active-Learning to Improve Student Performance in Introductory Plant Genetics Brisco B Crop and Soil Sciences Michigan State 2011
Effectiveness of Video Lectures in Materials Science Education Maloney R Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Michigan State 2011
Learning About and Assessing Student Learning Outcomes in Interdisciplinary Classrooms Vardhan M Community, Agriculture, Recreation, and Resource Studies Michigan State 2011